Joining Fee and Benefits.

For the 2022 season, the joining fee will remain as £7.50p per year payable to a member of the committee with a completed application for membership form. 

  • Membership Fee – Membership of the Friends has remained at £5 for the first three years of its existence, and this has provided exceptional value as it has included two exclusive, free swims, discount on special events such as the midnight swims, plus discount on café purchases.  However, as the Friends strive to increase the support it provides to the lido management, and in recognition of the exceptional value that the membership fee provides, it has been decided to increase the membership fee this year.  We recognise that the past year has been difficult financially for some, however, membership will now increase to £7.50, as it is felt this still provides low-cost access to the benefits of Friends’ membership.  

For those willing and able to do so, an additional voluntary contribution of £2.50 can be donated on a discretionary basis – giving a total membership fee of £10.00.

  • Previous/existing members can post their membership fee in an envelope, together with a note giving their name and address, into the Friends’ mailbox which is sited on the wall just to the left of the entrance lobby
  • Alternatively, they can contact the Friends’ Chair, Janet Martin, or Treasurer, Maggie Divers, who will advise them of the Friends’ bank details to enable them to complete an on-line bank transfer
  • New members will need to complete a membership form – which can be obtained from the lido reception, or lido café – which can then be placed, together with their membership fee, into the Friends mailbox, as above

Benefits of becoming a friend include:

• Exclusive pre-season swim 
• Exclusive post-season swim 
• 10% discount off the café food but not including ice creams and lollies or anything from the freezer cabinet. 

Please note you may be asked to show your “Friends” membership card.

For news of social events and other developments at the Lido see the News and Views page of this website. The quarterly newsletter emailed to members has been suspended)

Membership runs from the opening weekend of each season – details will be circulated to members and prospective members prior to the opening date. However new members are welcomed at any time during the season.

 Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 and is willing to abide by the terms of the constitution. A full copy of the constitution can be seen by asking any member of the committee