The Friends.

Meet the Friends of Peterborough Lido.

2022 Committee Members.

Committee Members from the top, left to right

Janet Martin Chairperson. Clare Marshall, Vice-Chairperson. Maggie Divers. Treasurer

Blank. Secretary, pending. Sue Godfrey, Committee Member. Paul Chapman, Committee Member.

Monica Ilett, Committee Member, Website co-ordinator. Nick Carter, Committee Member. Darren Kelly, Committee Member.

The Committee members of the Friends of Peterborough Lido are elected annually at the association’s AGM.

Please feel free to approach any of the Committee Members if you wish to discuss membership of the Friends, or any issues relating to the Peterborough Lido that you would like them to be aware of. 

About Us.

Forming the ‘Friends’ is something many of us have thought about for several years; as enthusiastic, even fanatical, users of this historic facility, we feel privileged to have such a gem in the midst of our City. We, therefore, aim to do all we can to ensure the pool, its grounds and facilities are nurtured, developed and utilised – not only for ourselves but for future generations. Our intention is, therefore, to work with Vivacity Management to exchange views and support their work.

The Friends will have the power to raise funds in order to further the objectives outlined above by:-

  • Donations.
  • Fund-raising events.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Any other legal means approved by the Committee.

 All funds raised will be held by the Treasurer in a bank account in the name of The Friends of Peterborough Lido.

All expenditures must be agreed upon in advance by the Committee.

The Purpose of The Friends shall be:
  • To represent the views of Lido users, feeding back to the Vivacity Management Team any concerns, requirements or recommendations relating to the successful running of the Lido;
  • To support the Vivacity Management Team by undertaking activities that will
  • Develop and enhance the recreational enjoyment, financial viability and long-term sustainability of the Lido Promote its facilities within and beyond the City of Peterborough
  • The Friends will NOT bear responsibility for, nor supersede the existing and overriding management responsibility of, the Vivacity Management Team.
Peterborough’s fantastic Art Deco heated open-air swimming pool is open between the end of May and the beginning of September.