1-Aims and Objectives

Objectives – Supporters of the Friends will aim to –

  • Work with Vivacity in exploring market research and consultation opportunities in order to identify the scope for –
  • Increase the economic viability of the Lido
  • Promote the Lido facilities
  • Enhance the quality of the Lido facilities and environment
  • Enhance the range of facilities/activities provided within the Lido premises
  • Provide appropriate voluntary resources to support the Vivacity Team in managing and developing the Lido facilities.
  • Act as a two-way conduit for information exchange between the Vivacity Team and users of the Lido.

 In order to further the objectives outlined above The Friends have the powers to:-

  • Represent the majority views of Lido users when negotiating with representatives of Vivacity, and other relevant local and national groups.
  • Raise funds, invite and receive contributions, and incur expenditure associated with activities identified within this Constitution
  • Identify and organise appropriate events at the Peterborough Lido, provided these are approved and overseen by representatives of the Lido Management Team and/or Vivacity.

The Friends will have the powers to raise funds in order to further the objectives outlined above by:-

  • Donations.
  • Fund-raising events.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Any other legal means approved by the Committee and Vivacity.

 All funds raised will be held by the Treasurer in a bank account in the name of The Friends of Peterborough Lido.

All expenditure must be agreed in advance by the Committee.

The full version of the Constitution can be seen by asking any member of the Committee or by clicking the button below:-