Destination Swims

These reports are by Lido Friends who have taken a trip to swim in other Lidos and open-air pools around the country.

They are not organised events. Any Friend can send a report with photos of their day enjoying a swim at another Lido. So Please do.

Just write a report and either send it as a Word or Apple Page document attachment or write it direct in an email. Send your photos direct from your camera as an attachment. If you’re not keen on writing just send your thoughts and impressions of the lido and your day and I’ll write your report for you and send it back to you for your approval before publishing it.

Send them to – or

Click on any button below to see the report.

As the Covid19 restrictions are slowly lifted, but any outdoor pools are still closed, Wild Swimming has been the only option for some in the Summer of 2020.

There are all reports from 2019. Many are open all year round so If you’re missing the Lido why not take a road trip