Privacy Policy

Privacy of Personal Information and Data Protection Statement.

The Friends of Peterborough Lido will respect the privacy of members’ personal data, and will ensure such data is held securely and in accordance with current data protection legislation.

Members’ personal data will not be used by us for any purpose other than maintaining membership records and communicating information we believe is relevant to you as a member of the Friends.  Personal data is not accessible via our website, and will not be passed to any organisation without your permission.  

It is the responsibility of members to ensure personal data submitted to us kept up to date, and to inform us if they wish their membership to cease.  Any data held relating to former members will be deleted after two years of non-membership.

Our Privacy and Security policy does not cover sites linked to this website, and we cannot therefore accept responsibility or liability for the content of these sites.

A copy of our Data Privacy and Protection Policy is available on request.

May 2018.

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