Faustus at the Lido

By Susan Broccoli ‘We Love Peterborough’

Photos by Susan Broccoli and Clare Marshall

Friends of Peterborough Lido volunteers helped set up this unique performance of the Summer Outdoor Theatre from Mask Theatre – Faustus. They will ensure you have a good experience and adhere to safety regs by ensuring you’re not going near the pools which are cordoned off. 

Clare, Marion & Shan were checking tickets on the door and offering a copy of the program. (It’s just £1), David & Sue were showing everyone to the places on the lawn for setting up a blanket or camping chair. Me? I was doing a bit of program selling and making sure you didn’t end up with a splash. 

Volunteering meant I was able to watch the show too…. 

An array of different characters fills the show as the actors switch from scene to scene as the tale unfolds; from good angels, Alexander the Great, a monkey, there’s travel around the world from Wittenberg, Germany and Constantinople to Rome and even an appearance from Lucifer himself! 

‘Dr Faustus, desperate for knowledge, turns to the dark magical arts and makes a pact with the devil, offering up his own soul for 24 years of unlimited power. As he signs in blood and revels in his newfound mastery of magic, the clock begins its inevitable countdown. 

Based on Christopher Marlowe’s famed play, this bold, powerful new version of Faustus is filled with unexpected delights and surprises. “What art thou Faustus, but a man condemned to die?” Featuring the seven deadly sins and an atmospheric soundtrack.’

The cafe is open for hot and cold drinks and snacks before the show and during the interval. 

At the end of the show, as it’s dark, there are lights to make sure you exit safely. 


-Take a blanket or jacket as it gets cooler after the interval running up to 10pm. 

-Take a brolly – just in case. 

-Have a £1 coin ready to buy a program. 

You can purchase tickets in advance, which is easier, or purchase them on the gate. 


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