April 2022, and the lido is officially open!

The opening morning, the weather might be chilly but the water’s warm.

Despite the colder weather and even flurries of snow and the sun showing its face for only brief moments, swimmers turned out this weekend for the opening of the lido,  and are looking forward to enjoying more open-air swimming days ahead. A selection of photographs from various friends of the lido members are shared below.

Some of the preparation for opening day.

More images from the Opening weekend.

and a quote from a swimmer.

“As you will all know, the lido opened again at 9.30 am this morning and I enjoyed my first swim of the season.  I was a bit apprehensive given the weather we have had over the last few days but the sun was out, the water was lovely and everything was ready to go”. Paul Chapman.

A big thank you to all the team at Vivacity for making it happen and for the early start to the season for the second year running.


For more information, please see this year’s timetable, booking system and price structure go to the Vivacity website and FB page  https://vivacity.org/.

..and finally a report from the Peterborough Telegraph and Peterborough Matters…



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