The 2021 Lido Season

As the 2021 Lido season draws to a close its time for a season roundup with a message from the Friends committee
The Lido’s Landmark Clocktower.

Dear Friends,
Well – it was a long time coming following eighteen awful months of Covid and repeated lockdowns – but how quickly the season has gone by!  I hope many of you have been able to enjoy the benefits of an extended 2021 season.  

Due to the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, there have been difficulties along the way for the Vivacity management team, particularly in maintaining staffing and supervision levels – which have sometimes affected conditions at the lido – but I, for one, am grateful to the team for enabling the pools to stay open for such a lengthy period of time this year.  And I extend a personal thank-you to those members of the Friends – you know who you are!! – who have “mucked in” and helped the Vivacity team with day-to-day maintenance and operational issues.  The “Weed Attack” day last Autumn was just one example of how our members have been prepared to support the lido’s upkeep, while others have offered their time on a more regular basis – and as supporters of the lido, we all want to do our bit to promote and maintain the wonderful facility we have here in Peterborough’s city center.

Let’s hope that a longer swim season will become a regular feature of future years; your committee have now recommenced its programme of meetings with the Vivacity management team, and this is certainly something that is under discussion.  Extended cafe facilities and additional events are also under discussion, and I will try and keep you posted as these discussions progress.  And after the unavoidable absence from this year’s calendar, we will be looking to hold an Annual General Meeting next Spring – I will inform you of the date of this as soon as arrangements are finalised.
Final Swims:  

  • As many of you will be aware, the final day for general public swimming is next Sunday, 12th September.  Please note that the pools will close to the public at 12.30pm on that day.  
  • However, as a member of the Friends, you will then be able to take advantage of the exclusive swim offered to members on Monday 13th September, between 11.00am and 3.00pm .. and I hope to see many of you there for that final swim of the year.

Best wishes, Janet.

Janet Martin, Chair – Friends of Peterborough Lido, on behalf of your Committee.

2 thoughts on “The 2021 Lido Season

  1. We’ll done to all the have helped keep the lido open since Easter

    How do I book on for the swim on Monday ? I’m working at the weekend so will miss the last sessions 🙁

  2. I have enjoyed the Lido season hugely this year. It has been glorious to be able to swim (and dive) on a regular basis each week.

    I have been very impressed with the standards of cleanliness maintained and thank everyone for that.

    I do not take the pool for granted. Heartfelt thanks to all involved.

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