Open Water Swimming.

A New Guide.

Over the last few years outdoor swimming in lidos, open-air pools and wild open water swimming has become popular once again. This became more evident over the last 18 months when we all needed to follow the Government guidelines and our opportunities for swimming lidos and indoor pools were restricted. Many of our Lido Friends explored the open waters and went wild swimming. 

There are many books and publications that give excellent advice and safe places to pursue wild swimming as well as documenting many of the excellent open-air pools and Lidos around the country. Before contemplating wild swimming we would advise swimmers to read and research the safety guidelines regarding wild swimming and the safety of the water that looks inviting. Remember not all rivers and open water are swim-safe or clean. 

In 2019 the comprehensive Lido Guide written by Janet Wilkinson and Emma Pusill  was published and during that year the guide was responsible for quite a few new visitors from all over the country visiting our Lido.

Now there’s a new publication out that combines information on over 400 lidos around the UK and also safe wild swimming areas.   The recently published ‘Outdoor Swimming Guide’.  Featuring 400 of the best Lidos with a two-page spread on Peterborough Lido. It also features wild swimming and open-air swimming spots in England, Wales & Scotland.  Packed with photos and listed by region, if you love Outdoor Swimming this guide is a must-have.

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