Macmillan ‘Swim It’ Challenge

by Caroline Hawkins.

The first 10 lengths are the hardest but it is at this point that I am reminded why I’m actually trying to swim a mile.  Four of my closest friends have been struck by cancer, and each of them have been and will be going through gruelling treatment.  Five hundred metre-s to warm up is nothing compared to what those dear ones have experienced.


We respond differently to challenges; asthma means I have to pace myself and I’m doing my challenge in stages.  However I am in awe of the lady also at the Lido who is doing a seven-mile challenge, my mile is a drop in the ocean compared to that, but by pooling our lengths, all those doing these challenges, are all swimming in the right direction to try and raise awareness and funds for the fantastic Macmillan campaign Swim It.

My target is small as I am trying to challenge myself to do different fundraising activities to celebrate life and my 60th which didn’t happen last year.  I also have had two close encounters with breast cancer and luckily, so far have got away with it.  My friends have not been so lucky, cancer has become too personal and my reaction to that, is to do something. It’s hardwired within me and I felt drawn to respond by fundraising.  Small is good, when you add all the ‘small things’ together we can really splash out and make a difference!  (Sorry about the puns, I couldn’t help myself!)

Here is my fundraising link, whoever you donate to, thank you, your contribution has made a difference and is really, really appreciate

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From the Friends:  A huge WELL DONE Caroline!  Thank you for telling us about the Challenge and your success in swimming your mile.  We agree that if everyone contributes in a small way, then together we can make a difference.  We hope you will receive plenty of support from our members – and keep going!

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