The Lido Friends Pre Summer Season Swim.

 With the Friends’ exclusive swim planned for this coming Friday afternoon, 21st May.  The swim will take place between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm, and will be free to those who have signed up for membership of the Friends of the Lido for 2021.  Previous or new members who wish to join will be able to do so on the day and thereby benefit from the exclusive swim – which will not be open to members of the general public. 

We are incredibly lucky to have been able to swim in our lido from such an early date this year, and we are grateful to members of the management team for their hard work in enabling this to happen.  It has caused pressures for them, however, not least in obtaining the services of sufficient lifeguards. 

For this reason, we are asked if at all possible to keep the capacity of swimmers on Friday afternoon to a maximum of 40; 

The swim will be in two sessions the first half of the session (1.00pm to 2.30pm) or second (2.30pm to 4.00pm)? We have assured the lido’s management team that we manage this as best we can, If you are intending to come along and swim it would be helpful to contact Janet (Information in her email to Friends) to allow us to manage the numbers.

Please note however, the fee for membership has increased this year.  Membership of the Friends has remained at £5 for the first three years of its existence, and this has provided exceptional value as it has included two exclusive, free swims, discount on special events such as the midnight swims, plus discount on café purchases.  However, as the Friends strive to increase the support it provides to the lido management, and in recognition of the exceptional value that the membership fee provides, the committee has decided to increase the membership fee this year.  We recognise that the past year has been difficult financially for some, however, membership will now increase to £7.50, as it is felt this still provides low-cost access to the benefits of Friends’ membership.   For those willing and able to do so, an additional voluntary contribution of £2.50 can be donated – giving a total membership fee of £10.00 – but this is entirely on a discretionary basis.

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