Lido Opening & Vivacity Memberships

As previously reported – and celebrated! – our lido is opening from 29th March, the earliest date permitted under national lockdown conditions – and the earliest opening date in living memory!
There will be no formal opening ceremony with customary opening speech by the Mayor, however, due to continuing restrictions limiting the number of people allowed to gather together outdoors.

The following information relates to the two-week lido opening 29th March – 11th April only. Further information will be issued relating to opening times from 12th April.

Opening times for the lido during the two-week Easter Holiday will be –
Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
Saturday – Sunday 9.30am – 4.00pm

Frozen Vivacity Membership – Unfortunately, it will not be possible to unfreeze Vivacity memberships until 12th April due to complications associated with the administration of direct debit payments, and difficulties in differentiating between different forms of membership/methods of payment … NEVERTHELESS

ALL visits to the lido during the Easter Holiday opening will be able to purchase a special ‘Easter Pass’ for £20, which will cover admission to the lido throughout the two-week period.

The on-off nature of lockdown and membership freeze has been difficult to administer, however, it has meant that members received two free months of membership during November, and therefore the Easter Pass provides extremely good value for money.

Swimmers can obtain their Easter Pass on line through the Vivacity website, at the same time as pre-booking their swim sessions.

General swim sessions of three hours’ duration, and lane swims of one-and-a-half hours’ duration, can be pre-booked up to one week in advance, commencing from Monday 22nd March.

Visitors will also be able to obtain a car park pass for the two-week period during a visit to the lido, by enquiring at Reception. Please be aware that this will apply to the Regional Pool car park only, and also that capacity at that car park will be limited due to its use by contractors working at the new university construction site.

Please see the Vivacity website for booking and all other information – and note that booking slots are fast being taken up!

2 thoughts on “Lido Opening & Vivacity Memberships

  1. I’ve just listened to a report on BBC Radio 4 News at 1700hrs. What a fantastic memory it brought back. I remember in the ’50’s we used to queue up in March to get our season tickets, after which we would spend all weekends there, especially as it had a great lawned area. I learned to swim there and even went off the top board (though not diving!) I even remember Walter showing us how he could bend 6″ nails. I don’t remember it being heated though! What fantastic memories.

    1. Hello thank you for your wonderful memories. I can assure you we are still creating lovely memories.💛

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