The Spirit of the Lido Lives On!

Weed Attack – Thursday 10th September

As previously notified on this website and to members, a group of volunteers from the Friends decided to give up several hours of their time to ‘attack’ the weeds that have appeared at the lido.  Despite not being able to swim this year, our aim was to ensure the proliferation of weeds didn’t become unmanageable during the Winter months.

and so the work begins

These invasive thugs will soon be gone….

Some weeding of the lido’s paved areas is necessary every year as part of the pre-opening maintenance programme, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who, on first entering the lido premises yesterday, felt some despair;  large thistles, hundreds of stubborn buddleia shoots, willow herb and other weeds now appeared out of any and every crack between the paving slabs … where should we start?  And would we ever be able to get on top of it all?

The Weeding Gang.

It was hard work; we were a small team of 11 (staggered over the four hours), and not all of us were used to such concentrated physical work over a sustained period.  Whilst it was nice to see the sun, the conditions became quite warm – a chance for the gents to remove their shirts and top up their tan! – but not an option open to us ladies as we hadn’t thought to take our swimsuits!  Thankfully, Vivacity had laid on refreshments to sustain us – and we were grateful to Monica who, although unable to undertake any weeding, kept us supplied with teas and coffees.  Vivacity had also provided us with a lifeguard just in case anyone entered the green murky depths – although had we done so, I doubt he would have been able to find us in the “pea green soup”!

At short notice, the Peterborough Telegraph had been able to send a reporter – his article has already appeared in the paper’s online site (see link below) – and Monica and Clare were thorough in taking photographs before, during and after our work.  And we needn’t have worried about the size of the task – because the camera doesn’t lie, and the photos really do show how the difference across almost the whole site.  I could hardly believe how much work the team got through, leaving the grounds one hundred times better than we found it.  Not for the first time, I felt proud of what the Friends could achieve as part of our ambition to develop and enhance, and support the long-term sustainability of our wonderful lido.

and after four hours of hard work…… worth the sore knees and backs.

There is no doubt that without yesterday’s intervention, we would have been presented with a small jungle next year!  Vivacity and the lido’s manager, Steve Luker, have already expressed their gratitude, and I add my thanks to members of yesterday’s team for giving their time and working so hard.  Thanks also to those who had wanted to help but were unavailable – your support is nevertheless appreciated.  
Janet Martin, Chair Friends of the Lido.

** A follow-up ‘weed attack’ session may be arranged in a couple of weeks’ time to assess the regrowth and tackle any outstanding areas, but this will depend on COVID restrictions and the weather **

To read Peterborough Telegraph’s online article see

Post script

The Weed Eleven. Thanks to their hard work the Lido surroundings are looking great. THANK YOU ALL.

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  1. Your efforts are gratefully appreciated by all who normally attend this wonderful historic lido. We look forward to visiting again next year and you can feel proud that you have helped towards lovingly restoring the paving areas. You are angels in disguise.

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