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by Monica Ilett

Just a few updates for the Regional pool and gym.
Signs have now been printed out and placed in prominent places that now announce ‘Masks must be worn’ The other thing I noted that more hand sanitisers have been attached to places where people pass. Although As far as I observed they are still being ignored! Maybe our good citizens carry their own personal bottle as I do!

This morning’s queue to the Regional pool moved a little faster, so maybe people are coming prepared for going through reception without questioning. On the downside, coming out, the queue for the next session, (who can’t be admitted until the previous hours booking have cleared the changing room allowing Sharon, our redoubtable cleaning lady, time to sanitise the area) was being buffeted by the rain that was being swept by the wind along the side of the building so people moved their queue to under the buildings overhang for protection. This meant people exiting their session had to walk through the queue. Everyone had their masks on and stepped aside so problem averted.

As far as I can ascertain everyone is being accepting of the New Normal and just remain happy they can get back to some of their exercise routine. There may be many who have chosen to freeze their membership until later in the year but for me getting back into the water was essential for my wellbeing. So with far with fewer swimmers prepared to try the new regime my swims have been utterly peaceful and relaxing.

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