Update on City Council Proposals for Leisure, Culture and Heritage Services

Progress is being made …

We have all been eagerly awaiting the outcome of discussions between Peterborough City Council and Vivacity relating to the future of leisure, culture and heritage services in Peterborough, and in particular, our beloved lido.

Talks have been continuing as part of the 90-day consultation period, due to complete in mid-September, and an announcement has now been made that

it is the council’s intention for culture, heritage and library services to transfer to the City College Peterborough (a function of the council and leisure) and all other services to transfer to Peterborough Limited (Aragon Direct Services).

It has been pleasing to see that statements by the City Council relating to the lido have all indicated the council’s intention to work together with the Friends of the Lido, and on this occasion their statement reads 

This year has been a challenging one for Peterborough Lido and due to this, it will not be opening for the 2020 season. While the council has received offers of funding, these have not met the cost of filling and cleaning the pool for the last three weeks of the season, which is the earliest it could be achieved. On making this decision, both the council and Vivacity also had to be mindful of the current levels of Covid-19 in the city. This is a decision that is supported by the Friends of the Lido and the council will be working with them on a grand re-opening for Spring/Summer 2021 instead.”

The announcement that alternative management arrangements have been identified for the lido is fantastic – particularly in the light of alarmist comments suggesting that if the lido didn’t open this year it was unlikely to open again in the future.  The above statement is a relief to us all – and we can’t wait for that grand re-opening next year!   

Those Vivacity services that re-open before the transfer date will initially be run by Vivacity before the proposed transfer to Peterborough City Council or one of its subsidiaries on 17 September.  With regards to Vivacity staff, alongside Vivacity, the council will be commencing the statutory consultation with staff and the Trade Unions to achieve the proposed transfer.

The full statement can be found at


The Friends now look forward to hearing from the council and Peterborough Limited (Aragon Direct Services), and will continue to keep this website and our members up to date with further progress. 

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