2019 A Season Roundup.

The beginning, such a happy day.

The 2019 Lido summer season is now over – far too soon, all of you will say.  Sunday was a sad day for all the regular swimmers. This season has been the second-best season since the Vivacity organisation was handed the running of the Lido. This is despite the up and down weather patterns we have experience this year, from wet and windy to excessively hot sunny days.  We have had the dedicated Vivacity team, of Steve Luker, Josh Aylett, Zac Anthony, all the lifeguards, the reception and the cafe staff to thank. There have been times when their tolerance has been stretched to the limits but they coped with the all adverse situations with their usual good genial humour. 

The Friends of the Lido organisation continues to grow and the membership now is approaching three figures. The Friends have helped the smooth running of the pool where possible. Thanks go to Paul, Clare and Howard for their sterling work each morning helping the lifeguards to get the pool ready for opening. The flower planters have been maintained and have looked the best they have ever been. The Friends website and social media sites continues to attract new people to the site and has had several articles of news and view contributions from the members. 

The Friends in conjunction with Vivacity are looking to research and prepare a visual display of the history of our Lido. This will begin over this winter period. Any help with photographs of the lido in years gone by would be helpful. 

This year there have been a notable increase of swimmers with disabilities taking advantage of the pool while their carers sit patiently watching them. Many more schools have booked sessions for their children to experience open air swimming and this has a knock-on effect of more families coming for days out during school holidays. 

The over-winter months of maintenance to the grand old building’s ancient water pipes was successful, but other maintenance issues occurred over the season challenging the management’s smooth running of the opening times. These were all dealt with promptly with very little disruption to the pool’s operation. The Lido Cafe, another aspect of the over-winter refurbishment program, has been a success with much larger working and food storage areas and new refrigerated cabinet for displaying refreshments for sale. At busy times during those periods of hot weather the cafe revenue has been a welcome source of income for the Lido. 

There have been several new events added to the Lido’s schedule this year – the Solstice swims now in their second year have been as successful as last year’s, especially the sunrise swim with the fantastic full English breakfast cooked by Josh and the cafe staff. The two Midnight swims were a new addition and both were a great success. Even the rain at the first event didn’t dampen the swimmers’ enjoyment of the evening, in fact it made it more magical. The Peterborough Pride, the LGBTQIA events, the Great British Skinny Dip and the film evening featuring the Horror watery film The Meg were all successful events that Vivacity are looking to repeat next year. 

The Friends would like to thank the Vivacity team for yet another wonderful season especially Josh who this year has been the Duty manager. We all wish him well in his final year at Uni and his new career to follow.

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