Pete Storey.

Our wonderful old lido has several veteran swimmers  who are regularly to be seen, usually in the mornings, completing their daily exercise,  swimming the 50 metre lengths of the pool.  

Peter Shorey is one of them. Now in his 8th decade and battling health issues, Pete still enjoys his swimming. So much so, he was one of the Founder members of the Friends of the Lido and served two years as a Friends Committee member. 

Pete first ventured into the Bishops Road swimming pool as the Lido was then known, in 1948 at the tender age of 9. He was a pupil at St Johns Junior school, now Bishop Crighton Academy, at that time and was  a non swimmer. His first impressions of the water was quote “Golly it was cold, with only the sun in those days to improve the temperature of the water”.

A young Pete with his swimming trophies.

Pete was one of the many the thousands of Peterborough children taught to swim under the direction of the late great Peggy Wright. By the following year, he could swim a length of the teaching pool and he won a junior event in late 1949. Later in his senior school, again he was chosen to swim in the schools gala at the pool.

The late Peggy White teaching school lads in the teaching pool.

In 1951 he joined the Peterborough Swimming Club and represented the club, swimming against various towns in East Anglia for six years. Pete still has his medal won in one of the Galas. 

Pete’s interest in swimming continued and led him to take teaching and coaching exams so he could pass on his love of swimming to others. In 2010 at the age of 72 he was clocking up a 100 miles of swimming lengths in a single season.

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