Siblings Still Swimming together after many years 
By Clare E Marshall 16th July 2019.

 On the night of the midnight swim, my brother and I parked up in the rain ready to share the late-night swim together. Vivid memories of the fun we had swimming in the lido, as children flooded back and in particular, our visits to Peterborough Swimming club, on Friday nights.                                                                                                        

Clare and Howard enjoying the Lido at night.

Not much has changed, the pool doesn’t seem as big as it did when we were children. It certainly isn’t as cold now as it was then. With this season’s water temperature set at 26 degrees and on sunny days in the height of the Summer, hitting 30 degrees plus, it’s a lot warmer now.  The diving boards and water slides are gone but we now have a paddling pool, in addition to the adult and children’s pools. There is also a play area on the lawns, picnic tables, parasols, and deckchairs. And the café still does a roaring trade. And of course, there are so many of us with a love of the lido that the ‘Friends of the lido’ was formed and continues to grow in numbers

 A moment of reflection and who would have thought then, that we would still be swimming together here, all these years later, in the rain, on a Friday night.

 In the days of the swimming club, we would shiver at the thought of what was to come, as we entered the cubicles to get changed into our swimsuits with eager anticipation and excitement. One thing that remains the same about this magical place, is the joy it brings us both. It is that joy, together with those precious memories, that make it such a magical place as it does for so many others who come back year after year, bringing their children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

Precious childhood memories 1970s

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