The Longest Swim on the Longest Day.

by Clare E Marshall

 Those of us who attended the Summer Solstice swims, may have noticed one man swimming up and down the length of the pool, continuously without a break!  Whilst the rest of the Solstice swimmers sat around enjoying their post swim food and drink, Paul Chapman continued swimming relentlessly, achieving 3 miles at the morning swim and a further 3 miles at the evening swim.

Paul almost completed his three mile Solstice sunset swim.

But he didn’t stop there because on Friday evening, at the first midnight swim, there he was again. There really was no stopping him! He had set himself a target of 4 miles this time and at around midnight, weary but happy, he achieved that target.

Paul at the Midnight swim. Still going strong, Halfway now.
20 Length to go.

 When asked why he swims for so long, Paul simply responded “because I enjoy it!”  He explained that he had learned to swim at five years old and had been swimming ever since. Over the last twenty years he has clocked up several thousand miles in the water.  He went on to say “Although I no longer have the speed I once did, I find completing an occasional longer distance swim, helps me to maintain the same level of swim fitness that I enjoyed in my twenties”.

Weary but Happy. Completed 4 miles just after Midnight.

54 years old Paul, a member of Friends of the Lido, comes from just outside Peterborough. He has been swimming in the lido for approximately 16 years.  Most mornings, come rain or shine, Paul is first in the pool for his daily swimming work out of about an hour.

Well done Paul! We are waiting with bated breath to see what your next target will be at the next midnight swim in August.   

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