There’s Magic in the Air

Rain What Rain.

You are never too old for a new adventure. Despite the sudden ‘Cloud burst’ my Husband and I ventured to the Lido to the Midnight Swim.

There are insufficient superlatives in the dictionary to describe the feeling of joy swimming in the warm water under a black sky, twinkling lights, laughing with friends and strangers. Rounded off with a carton of hot salty chips and the Cathedral bell striking Midnight

Thanks to all who made this magical night possible…..we look forward to the next one.

Trish & Phil

Well, where to start….the weather of course like any English person! It could have been so much better, but, floating around in the rain in warm (almost too hot) water in the dark is still bliss. I wouldn’t imagine the Lifeguards we’re pleased getting wet, but we were already in, wet and enjoying ourselves.

It would have been nice to see the moon and stars but hey ho there’s always another chance.  

My thanks go to all of you who made this happen.


I attended the Midnight Swim at the Lido last night with my Husband and I can honestly say it was a truly new experience. It was a coldish night with light rain and it was delightful watching the steam rising above the water. The fairy lights surrounding the pool created holiday atmosphere and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Can’t wait for the next Midnight swim in August.

Jo & Paul.


The July Midnight Swim

The night was humid and overcast with a thick cloud cover. The rain fell steadily. Each rain droplet dimpled the water surface catching the underwater Lido pool lights causing the surface to be covered with tiny pinpoints of lights like dancing fireflies. The water, at night, lit with the underwater lights gave a surreally different effect to the daytime sunlight that sends ripples of light on the pool floor. At night the  lighting cause the water to have a wonderful softer, shimmering blue, ethereal  quality. The cool of the night air hitting the warmth of the water added a steaming vapour to the magical effect. 

So, were the swimmers upset that the weathermen managed to get the weather predictions so wrong. No, no, no. The night was filled with the sounds of happy laughing people just enjoying the rain, the water and the company. Do we want more? Oh yes please Vivacity. 

The Water Witch

There is already something so freeing about swimming in the Lido but being there at night on a Summer’s eve as it turned dark was real magic! There was every age enjoying the water and when it started to rain we all shouted with joy as the rain fell on our heads, yet we were surrounded by warm water. With the fairy lights and the lights under the water that made everything feel so alive it felt like a dream! Can’t wait for the next one on the 9th August.

 Keely Mills AKA The Chubby Mermaid.

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