The Solstice, See what you missed/or enjoyed

Solstice 2019 Reminisces 

Sunrise 2019

Really lovely swim on summer solstice morning thank you! Staff were friendly and helpful and the breakfast was tasty. The water was much warmer than I expected!

I will definitely be coming back for a swim soon, it would be great if there was always an “early” swim slot as I would love to swim before work. Many thanks . Sophie


The weather predictions of a wonderful Solstice sunrise are spot on.  As I drive to the pool at 4.15am the western skies are glowing with the sun still below the horizon. The sky is cloud free and the moon is still shining now just four days past the full Strawberry moon. The dawn chorus has broken the silence of the night.

At the pool just a few minutes from opening time people are waiting. A BBC East cameraman has arrived. He proceeds to film the mornings swim from all angles of our Lido. Interviewing people at random. A second reporter with a much smaller camera in tow arrived from BBC Cambridgeshire.

More people arrived and greeted each other. They swiftly changed and soon the pool was filled with heads bobbing as they swam. Josh and Kelly retired to the cafethanks. Soon the smell of frying bacon and sausages filled the air.

What a wonderful beginning to this Summer  Solstice day. And more to come this evening with the Sunset swim. The Water Witch


Josh and Kelly cooking breakfast. Thankyou Josh for all your hard work to make this morning a success.

I heard about the Peterborough Lido Summer Solstice swim last year, when my sister took part and loved it. So this year I had to get involved. I work in the City of London and after work on Thursday, I came to stay with my parents in Peterborough, ready for the early start. I have such happy memories of long teenage summers at the Peterborough Lido and thirty years later it’s every bit as good. The 3.30am start was a bit of a shocker, but the experience of swimming as the sun rises and the dawn chorus as my sound track made it all worthwhile. It’s something I will remember always. Roll on next year and thank you to my sister Lorna Metcalf for organising it. Clare

The Solstice evening swim began at 8 pm. By this time the cloud cover was rolling in and the patches of blue sky getting less and less. Dedicated swimmers came through. Their joy of late evening swimming evident. The underwater pool lights were on giving rippling patches of different shades of blues. The smell of the Hog roast invaded the air and made our digestive juices flow. By sunset, the cloud were tinged with the colours of the setting sun behind them. It was such a fun evening with much laughter. We all decided the next Midnight swim Vivacity has planned we’ed be there. The Water Witch

Sunset swim Hog Roasting
Sunset fun
Zac. Supervising the evening. Such a great night Thank You.
A short video from the BBC coverage. Recorded from the television coverage of the Solstice swim, so the Picture quality isn’t great Courtesy of Steven Butler.
This is Josh Aylett the Lido Manager speaking.

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