Storm Policy

June 24th With storms, a possibility Monday afternoon We’ve repeated the storm/swimming safety procedure .

Weather pundits predicting rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, Monday afternoon. Apparently, there will be a 50 % chance of thunderstorms between midday and around 3pm. So if you’re swimming in the Lido, sadly, the first clap of thunder will clear the pool even though the storm may still be miles away. The lifeguards will have already been monitoring the weather in preparation for action.

Many people don’t realise the dangers of being in open water in a storm. Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm. It can happen within a cloud, between two clouds, or between a cloud and the ground. On average the current is between 10 million and 100 million volts.  Pretty violent then. Lightning can strike 10 miles ahead or even behind the rain clouds of a storm. 

Swimming during a storm is dangerous. When lightning strikes a body of water the charge doesn’t penetrate far into the depth but spreads horizontally along the surface of the water. Even if the lightning strikes the building, metal pipes and plumbing acts as a conduit for the charge and that can still reach you in the water. Having said that the tallest part of the Lido i.e. the Clock Tower will have a Lightning Conductor that will channel a strike straight into the ground.

Remember a wet body has less electrical resistance, so, if you don’t fancy becoming fried fish you need to heed the lifeguards and move from the water as rapidly as you can and get under cover. 

The pool won’t become available to swim in again until 30 minutes have elapsed from the last clap of thunder. If the weather shuts the pool there is a ‘no refund’ policy for inclement weather

Remember this mantra

   “If you can hear it, clear it. If you can see it, flee it.”

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