Summer on hold

Weather getting you down? … Don’t underestimate the joys of

* * * swimming in the rain! * * *

Swimming in the open air is exhilarating and energizing … there’s nothing better than swimming in sparkling-water and to be able to look around to see blue skies and green treesso our website enthusiastically proclaims!

None of us are seeing much of those blue skies at the moment, however – or even many green trees for that matter – as we plod forwards, head downwards, through the seemingly endless downpour in the simple effort of getting from A to B!  But if you are one of those determined swimmers who have continued to visit our Lido during what has now been declared the wettest June on record – there are some magical moments which almost compensate for the lack of summer sunshine.

How often do we actually have the freedom to enjoy the feel of rain on our skin – without running for cover, with the innate assumption that getting wet is “bad” for us?  It’s certainly damned inconvenient sometimes – not least it’s a pain to have to dry out our hair and all those togs (especially if we’re on our way to work!) … But perhaps there’s something positive we should take from that poetic phrase “refreshing rain” when we enjoy the unique experience of swimming in the rain.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to observe the rainfall from beneath the water?  Seeing raindrops fall on to the “glass” surface of the pool but then disappear without managing to break through, is something that can only be experienced through the wonderful experience that is outdoor swimming.

Have you observed the steamy clouds of condensed vapour that float across the Lido’s pools during wet weather?  This is a relatively new phenomenon at Peterborough’s Lido – resulting from the installation of the new boiler during 2018 – and recent breezy gusts have even see the steam being blown in drifts across the pools … watch it in wonder!

And have you experienced the bliss of immersion under the hot showers after climbing out of the deliciously warm pool (still maintained at 26o by the way!) – into the rain and on to cold paving slabs?  What is normally just the conclusion to our swimming routine suddenly becomes a heavenly reward for ignoring the weathers to continue our Lido obsession! 

Finally, have you fully appreciated the plight of our dedicated lifeguards as they huddle under coats and umbrellas while we insist on continuing our outdoor swim ritual?  It must sometimes appear that we choreograph the way in which, just as the last swimmer exits the pool and the lifeguards breathe a sigh of relief … another lone swimmer enters through the turnstiles to deny Lido staff the opportunity to dry off in the warm!  Next time you visit, please take a moment to thank the Lido lifeguard and café team for continuing to keep us safe and cared for – whatever the weather.

Note: for your own safety – please don’t expect to swim in thundery conditions, as you will be asked to leave the pools due to the risk of lightning striking the water

Janet Martin. June 2019

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