Getting ready for Summer 2019.

Four days to go..

Not long now

Over the last few weeks, the lovely Peterborough Lido grounds has been woken up from its winter hibernation and has been the hive of activity. A great deal of planning and work goes into clearing the winter’s detritus away. Scrubbing, painting repairing and generally renovating the building goes on to keep our beloved pool in sparkling form. By Saturday the Lidos 83rd Summer season will begin. 

So inviting, Summer ready.

Over the winter months, the Lido has been subjected to some vital repairs and regeneration of the ancient complex underground pipework system. This has been an involved and expensive operation. Thanks to Vivacity and the City Council these works  have now come to a successful completion ready for  the summer season. 

The cafe is being given an extensive makeover.

The three pools have been emptied, scrubbed clean and refilled. The cafe renovations are still ongoing and the new enlarged and  improved cafe promises to be hit with swimmers.The children play equipment has been scrubbed clean. Walls have been freshly painted. The accumulation of litter blown in over the winter has been cleared away. Equipment has been cleaned and safety inspected. The planters have been replenished with colourful plants.

Planters summer fresh

The pool surface is constantly skimmed to clear the kamikaze insects away. During all this activity the remote pool bottom vacuum quietly  goes about its job. 

The Pools robot vac cleaner carries quitely on

Many of the Lido Friends are pitching in to help Vivacity staff with this mammoth task. This morning with just four days to go to the Grand Opening Ceremony  at 10am on Saturday morning there are still tasks to do. 

Play equipment to be scrubbed.
Always litter picking to be tackled.

Here’s to a successful 2019 summer season of swimming. The official Vivacity program has been finalised and will be available from opening day. You can look forward to a second Summer Solstice swim and some Midnight swims.

Don’t forget the Friends pre-season swim on Friday this week. Details on the Events page. See you there. 

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