…..and so begins the last week….

2018- As Lido season draws to a close

What a Summer this has been
One,  the Lido has never seen.

Not for years, at least, that is
Every day, one not to miss.

The heatwave meant it couldn’t be better
A tropical paradise in the City Centre.

Long sunny days made it terrific
Blue sky above, so idyllic.

Thousands  came from near and far
On foot, by bus, train, bicycle and car.

The temperature set at 28
Encouraged everyone through the gate

No more moaning “it’s too cold
The new boiler drew both young and old.

Picnic hampers stuffed to the brim
Deckchairs, towels, beach balls, all in.

Crystal blue water enticed all to dip
Hot and cold drinks, on which to sip.

A panoply of swimsuits on daily show
Not one size fits all here… oh no.

All shapes and sizes some large some small
Paraded colourfully around the pool.

Cafe staff worked flat out, most days
Serving  snacks in bio-degradable trays.

Toast and jam, chips  and bacon baps
Tea, coffee, chocolate and flapjacks.

The Polar Krush in great demand
With extra staff to lend a hand.

The Key theatre provided additional supplies
Ice-creams, sold from cold boxes at poolside.

Most days saw a full lifeguard team
Keeping swimmers safe and the pool clean.

Day in day out they played their role
Red uniforms,  smiles, and safety their goal.

Let’s not forget the volunteers  helping with chores
They all deserve a round of applause.

And just when we thought this season would end
An announcement, Vivacity would extend.

For a week, plus three days, what could be better?
A first for years, at least, that I remember.

So finally, as the season draws to a close
Only one thing I need to  conclude, to those

Who missed this year’s  chance of lido swimming 
You really don’t know what you’re missing.

I am sure I’m not alone in saying
I just can’t wait til’ next year’s opening.

Clare  (lido lover😊)

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