Just Perfect

As the Seasons comes to end…….

As the high summer heatwave has dissipated and more normal cooler weather set in the Lido queues and crowds have opted for other school holiday pursuit.  Families and children still arrive but the regular swimmers have enjoyed a quite few days.  Ahhh…Peaceful swimming. No weaving around the person stroking powerfully towards you. They didn’t see you, their swimming line has been invaded by teenagers jumping and diving in from the sides.  No sudden stopping as children stray across your swimming path. No batting a beach ball, that’s just hit you on the head, away, back to the laughing children next to you.

If you’re a strong swimmer you opt for the lanes and swim clockwise or anti-clockwise in rhythm with the other strong swimmers. Les active swimmers, like me, try to swim their lengths around the hoards of fair weather swimmers and the kids just having fun. 

Now the weather’s changed and the air temperature is cooler Most mornings have found me in swimming in the lido. Now there’s space. Space to swim, to lose yourself in a mindful swim, then, Lengths completed, to flip over, relax. Floating gently with the liquid silk waters washing around you is pure bliss. To lie there and watch the clouds float across the blue of the sky, or just shut your eyes and feel the gentle movement of the water around you.

This morning, swimming under a cloudless cerulean sky with the Sun in the South East and the Moon still visible in the South West you could not help but be mesmerized by the shimmering silver and sun gold mesh-like strands of light bathing the pool floor. Oh does this season need to end?

By Monica I.

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