Lifeguard Cover. Could you Become a Lifeguard.

Dear Friends,

As passionate supporters of Peterborough Lido, you will know that we are always seeking more opportunities to enjoy our wonderful pool … both longer opening hours, and an earlier start and later close to the season … and this is certainly something that your committee has pursued with the Vivacity Management Team.  The Team has delighted us this year by agreeing to extend the season, and we are all extremely grateful for this “first” in recent Lido history .. although it has not come without difficulty,

It has become increasingly clear to us that, although the Management Team are more than supportive of our requests, they are limited by the very real problem of obtaining the services of a sufficient and qualified lifeguard team .. and indeed, this is something that swimming pools across the Country struggle with.

A new approach is therefore required!  Some of you may perhaps have read about the “silver lifeguard” initiative being pursued in other parts of the UK. This has arisen from a recognition that traditionally, lifeguard strength has nearly always been comprised of young people of pre or current university age … those either leaving school and awaiting the start of their university/other career path, or taking holiday breaks between their university terms.  This inevitably limits staffing strengths to those of a narrow age group, and in order to widen the available talent pool, Peterborough Lido would be delighted to hear from swimmers OF ANY AGE who are both (i) sufficiently competent swimmers and (ii) willing to undergo both the initial AND ongoing training that would equip them to join the existing Vivacity Lifeguarding Team.

If you – or anyone you know – is interested in training as either a full-time or seasonal lifeguard, PLEASE contact Sam Hickman, Manager of all swim training for Vivacity – she would be absolutely delighted to hear from you (Lido regulars would be equally delighted if your contribution leads to increased swimming hours at our beloved Lido!) Following initial contact, Sam will take you through the training requirement required, and all other relevant conditions … . so please contact Sam at

Best wishes,


Janet Martin

Chair – Friends of Peterborough 

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