Looking Back at a Wonderful Summer Swimming.

As this wonderful season draws to its end.  

Here are a few memories from a few of our Lido Friends.

Maggie D

 “Lido’s great,” said grandchildren.  Polar Krush is OK too.  Personally, I think the toast is the perfect bite with coffee.

We had a lovely morning in the pool jumping about with a ball – a different view of the pool from that of the swimmers’ lanes!  Also a lot more noise – lovely sound, all the same, of kids enjoying themselves.  Got to add adults in here too!

On the last Sunday, it’ll be the “end of term” picnic where everyone is welcome to join in – bring something to eat to put on the groaning table.  A swim and a chat before going off to hibernate or swim indoors.  There’s always next summer season to look forward to.

Huge thanks to all the lovely staff – always friendly and smiling.

Jeanne B.

This year in the cafe you’ve always been greeted with a smile, nothing has seemed too much trouble. Every effort’s been made to accommodate all needs even during very busy periods. As it comes to the end of the season all the girls in the cafe have learned what drinks some of the regulars have and they are waiting to serve you with what you want.

if any Friend would like to add their memories send them to our email address either in comments or separately the address is also on the contacts page. 


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