Did Keely bring that Rain?

The Heatwave Breaks.

After weeks of hot sunny weather, it was a relief to have a cool overcast morning with the promise of rain. The usual regular swimmers were in the pool this morning but the families and children were noticeably absent. Just a few had decided not to be put off by the grey clouds. The lifeguards were prepared for the eventuality.

Sure enough Just before 11 am the rain started. Not much at first but it soon became a heavy downpour. The children with their parents or carers and swimmers in the pool just kept enjoying themselves in the warm pool waters oblivious to the rain.

This morning was the day Keely Mills, aka The Chubby Mermaid, had chosen to interview some of the regular lido swimmers for her forthcoming series of broadcasts for BBC Cambridgeshire about our fantastic Lido. The early morning regulars were not at their usual wooden picnic table by their changing room. For the first time this summer they had to use the undercover seating area by the cafe. Not deterred by the rain Keely bravely interviews our nervous group. Actually, it wasn’t as daunting as we had anticipated. Not too sure how much of the banter will actually make it to the final recording. Much laughter and giggling went on.

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