Vivacity Storm Policy

Swimming During a Storm.

  It has come to our notice that during one of the electrical storms over the weekend, a swimmer deliberately ignored the Lifeguard’s instructions to remove themselves from the pool as quickly as possible. This person deliberately decided they were not going to get out of the pool until they had finished the length and return length they were doing. This swimmer also knew the policy. By ignoring the lifeguard’s evacuation request they were not only putting they own life but also that of the lifeguard. As well as undermining the Lifeguards authority in the eyes of the other swimmers and families.

This policy has been in place for decades and is a similar to all the outdoor pools across the country and the world. It not there just to exasperate swimmers. There’s good scientific evidence for this practice. The policy is visible on the Vivacity website, The Friends website and at the Lido entrance. We urge all swimmers to adhere to the Lifeguards and Vivacity’s safety procedures at all times.

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