A Dive with a Difference.

A Sunny Wednesday Morning in July.

Some years in the past one or two schools have brought their pupils to the Lido for their end of term Swim fun day.  The Children, more use to the heat waters of the Regional Indoor pool always found getting in the Lido water a challenge. The accompanying screams of “It’s freezing” echoed across the site, much to the Lido stalwarts amusement and muttering ‘For goodness sake, it’s lovely, get in there!’

This year however the combination of a heatwave and a new boiler have attracted many more schools to bring their Children for an End of Term treat of open air fun swim day in the balmy Lido water. The Lido regular morning swimmers usually fall into two categories. Those who mutter ‘flipping heck they’re so noisy, were weren’t allowed to be that rowdy when we were at school’ and those who applaud the school and love to see the children having fun. After all they’ll go home and ask to come again with their families.

This morning however one of the newest Peterborough School, The Hampton Collage have brought a number of their Pupils for a completely different experience. 

At the Space School in Leicester along with the Leicester National Space Academy http://education.spacecentre.co.uk/space-missionsthe Students there  the have built a replica space vehicle. This prompted one of the forward thinking Teachers at the Hampton Collage to challenge their pupils to an innovative end of term project to build a replica of the space vehicle but underwater using scuba diving gear. 

 Preparing the Dive Equipment.
Air Tanks ready

So this warm sunny morning and In conjunction with the Rutland Scuba Diving team http://www.diverutland.comthe pupils came and learned the rudiments of scuba diving and had fun with their challenge of assembling the replica vehicle underwater. What an experience. Well done that school.

Completing their Challenge. Well Done.

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