A Magical Solstice Sunset Swim.

Solstice 2018 such a wonderful day.

Sunset reflections.

The setting sun on the Lido water seems an appropriate image to begin this post. 

It’s June 21st. the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice, and the second event of the day was the sunset swim. About 50 people turned up. Soon the pool was busy with swimmers enjoying a late evening swim. The underwater pool lights were on for the second time lighting up the self set ferns growing in the light housing.

Keeley gives us a thumbs up.

Vivacity’s Poetess in Residence, Keeley Mills, gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. Reporters from Radio Cambridgeshire enjoyed a swim and recorded a sound byte for their next mornings show.

As we swam the evening supper was being prepared and soon the smell of hog roast enticed us from the water.

Hog roast ready for the hungry swimmers.

A vegetarian  option was offered but I must admit there were many more Hog roast devotees there. It was delicious. There was a dessert  to follow if you had room for more. Delicious moist home made cakes of fresh fruit and cream. All washed down by a selection of soft drinks, tea or coffee.

Post swim, we relax in the late evening sun.
Vivacity deck chairs catching the last of the days sun.

As the light faded the sunset did not disappoint and the  and Friends of the Lido want to extend our warmest Thanks to Vivacity and all the Lido staff who made this event such a magical day.  

The solstice sun setting over the Lido.
Dusk at our magical moonlit lido.

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