May, Friends Activities.

The Friends have been active during May this year giving the Vivacity Maintenance team a helping hand to prepare the Lido for the summer season. This preparation takes place each year and usually begins in March/April. This year it had to be earlier to test out the new boiler that heat the pool water. The Pool has to be emptied and scrubber out before refilling. The winter accumulation of litter has to be picked up and every where throughly asked down. There’s a certain amount of painting that needs to be renewed each year. Much of the work was beyond our capabilities but volunteer helped where they could.

One area where we could certainly help was the replanting and the maintenance of the pool side  planters and the hanging baskets in the entrance lobby.

Janet and Irene replanting the pool side planters.

This year Swimmers will notice decals of words on various walls around the site. These are snippets from Poems by Vivacity’s Poet in Residence, Keeley Mills.

Part of a poem by Keeley Mills.

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