Pre season swim.

The day was cool and grey. The threat of more drizzle was still in the air but the Lido regulars were not deterred. Over 30 of us turned up for a pre season swim. The new boilers were working well despite a potential disaster last week when the new boilers pipe work and the 80year old pipe work decided to be temperamental. The water was delicious, a barmy 27 degrees Celsius. The cool air caused a misty vapour over the pool. No one was eager to get out  but the smell of chips and hot bacon butties finally enticed us out.

2018 Preseason swim.

Some New lifeguards are appearing this year as some of the regulars have gone globe trotting.

Omi is tucked up against the cool drizzle.

This is Omi’s fourth summer season lifeguarding. This year they have some smart new protection against the hot sun and the cold rain. Hopefully not too much rain.

The hard work put in by Vivacity stall and some of the Friends to get the pool and the surrounding areas ready have paid off and we can look forward to a splashing season swimming.

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