Our First AGM

February 27th. 2018.

On a cold snowy February evening at the Key Theatre on the Embankment the Peterborough the Friends of the Lido held their first Annual General Meeting. Considering the weather conditions it was well attended.

Our Chairman, Janet Martin took the Chair and gave the Chairman’s report. The Financial report was given by the Treasurer, Maggie Divers. A summary of the 2017 Lido season was given before Jon Marsden from Vivacity then took over the Chair for the election of officers. Janet was re-elected as Chairman. All the other Committee positions were filled by the nomination and re-election of the present Committee members. The only position not filled was the Secretary. Jon Marsden on behalf of Vivacity offered the use of a member of the Vivacity staff  to record the Minutes of all Committee meetings until the Secretary’s position is filled. 

Our thanks go to Vivacity for all their help in planning this our first AGM.

Janet Martin Giving the Chairmans report.


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